Are you in love with marketing or do you hate it?

Marketing is the key to EVERY business's long-term success!

Marketing should be as enjoyable as any other business activity.
Yet, why do so many solopreneurs cringe at the thought of having to market their business?

  • They don’t like creating content, or they don’t feel confident about it.
  • They don’t feel like they have enough time to create content.
  • And/or they don’t know how to distribute content for maximum efficiency, in the crucial areas of their business.
All marketing is essentially Content Marketing! 
So, successful marketing is all about how well you can produce and distribute content.
Many solopreneurs are just not producing enough content to market their business effectively. Plus, they often don’t know about the critical areas of their business where that content needs to be put.

In short, they are engaging in content marketing without knowing how to do it.

There are 3 main stages for content marketing:
  1. Content Basics, or what you need to know before you create your content
  2. Content Channels, or the channels of distribution, and
  3. Content Marketing Strategies, or the actual marketing using content, once you have it in place
As you can see, there’s a lot to know in order to use your content to make your business profitable. You may know how to create content (if you don’t, you definitely need my “Ultimate Content Creation Toolkit”), but you also need to know how to present and distribute it appropriately, in the areas I just outlined.

So if you’d like to use your content in the most effective ways across all of the 9 most important areas of your business, I have a new program that was made for you.

It's time to finally... get the business and marketing training you need to build a profitable coaching business! We have the roadmap to get you there.

“Build a Profitable Coaching Business
With Content Marketing” 
Training Program


This roadmap takes you from Point A-not sure how to use content effectively in all areas of business, to Point B -using content marketing strategically to attract more. traffic and clients.
  (read bottom to top)

Learn how to use the content you are creating in the 9 critical areas of your business.​

In this roadmap, you’ll go from uncertainty, confusion, and (possibly) overwhelm about content marketing, to strategically planning and distributing your content so that it gets maximum results—which equals more clients, and more profits for you!
Each step has a separate course that integrates with the others. These areas are where integrating your content will have the greatest effect. After all, you don’t just want to be posting small bits of content on social media.

You want strategically placed “core” content that does the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing!

You need to have a strategic and integrated plan for your content in all 9 areas of your business.

This program was designed to help you make your business more profitable!

This training program is for you...

Whether you are a new coach who just got certified or a seasoned coach who wants to grow your business faster, the curriculum in this business academy will give you everything you need to build your coaching business with content marketing.

What does the program include?

• 9 Full-Length Courses (valued a $397 each)
• 2 Private Coaching Calls (valued at $$597)
• Lifetime Access on a Premier Delivery Platform (valued at $597)


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Program Curriculum:

  1. Target Market Fundamentals: How to identify your target audience and create your ideal customer profile.
  2. Perfecting Your Message: How to articulate your offerings in a way that gets more sales.
  3. Content Marketing To Build Your Brand: How to break through the noise and take your content to the next level.
  4. Up Level Your Website Content: Inject new life into a website and increase its visitor traffic, engagement, retention, and conversions.
  5. Blogging Mastery: How to put together a blog post that captures a reader’s eye, draws them in, and engages their attention throughout the whole article.
  6. Email Writing Masterclass: How to create impactful copy for your emails with strategies and tips to build your email marketing plan for high-converting emails.
  7. Product Planning and Launch Assets: How to put together all the product launch assets you need for a profitable launch.
  8. Customer Lifecycle Marketing: Replace the sales funnel with this 3-Step model for winning more customers and keeping them for life.
  9. Low Cost Marketing Strategies: High impact, low budget marketing tactics every small business can afford.

Enroll and Learn...

Normally priced at $1997.

Today: only $1497

What people have to say about our products:

Business and marketing training from an organization that has been serving life coaches for over ten years, in an intimate community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program consists of 9 digital trainings and you will be guided to go through them sequentially. You can do one course a week or one a month. It’s your choice.

No, this is a digital program. However, you will receive two 45-minute private coaching calls.

The ultimate result of this program is that you will understand how to use content in the nine different ways that the program covers. Your content will then be more effective in attracting paying clients that are eager to work with you. 

This program is relevant to you whether you are just starting your business or if you have been in business for a while. As a beginner, you will shorten your marketing learning curve. As someone who ‘s been in business, if you haven’t gotten the amount of business that you would like, then this course will propel you forward. 

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