Get Certified As A Life Coach In as Few as 6-8 Weeks And Become A Highly Effective Life Coach

If you want to start your own coaching business, make an impact by helping others, and position yourself as a professionally certified life coach... then this is the most important Coach Training Program you'll read about all year!

Introducing...the International Association of Professional Life Coaches® (IAPLC)'s

"International Life Coach Certification Program"

This is a coach certification program in a Home Study Course format, that trains you to become a highly effective, credentialed life coach. And, as an added benefit, you'll also discover how learning to be a coach can be fun and rewarding!

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Position yourself as a professional by getting certified … so you can establish instant credibility.
  • What every Life Coach needs to get certified.
  • The Real Secret for how to become a highly effective life coach.
  • How any Life Coach can make an impact by helping others (and realize their dream of running a coaching business).
  • Leverage your expertise with proven, integrative tools (so you can help clients get results faster).
  • Start your coaching business with the confidence of a professional…and a career you can be proud of.
  • Reach your full potential by helping others reach their full potential… and no longer wonder how you will leave a legacy and make an impact.
  • … and much, MUCH More!

This course is 100% digital online and can be taken from the comfort of your home. It is self-paced and can be completed in as few as 6 to 8 weeks, or as long as one needs. Once you have completed the course and are certified, you will be able to coach clients virtually, which means you can have clients from all over the world while working at home.

And Best Of All... You'll Start Seeing Results In As Few As 6-8 weeks

So if you're an aspiring solopreneur who wants to make a difference and who is serious about wanting to become a successful life coach, here's why you shouldn't wait and you need to act on this right now...

• People are confused in these fast changing times right now and are hiring coaches to cope.
• Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world and you can be a part of it before the market gets saturated.
• You can get certified in about 8 weeks and be out there coaching clients while the market is hot.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the modules…

PLUS…By the end of this Life Coach Training, you’ll have:

  • Over 30 life-coaching techniques to use with your clients.
  • A simple-to-use coaching framework for working effectively with clients.
  • Coaching worksheets to keep your coaching sessions on track.
  • Brandable tools and exercises you can use with your clients to help them make progress toward their goals.
  • Coaching models and resources to make you operate as a professional.
  • An official, International, professional, and accredited life coach certificate to hang on your wall, and badge to post on your website.
  • The ability to use the credentials, CLC (Certified Life Coach), after your name.
  • The next steps you need to take to launch your life coaching business.
"The information and training received from International Association of Professional Life Coaches® is second to none. Each module will provide the professional life coach with the proper tools he or she will need to be successful. I personally recommend and endorse this group organization."
Antwon Lewis
PHD, Certified Life Coach

Who are the authors of this certification program?

This training is for you if...

–>You’re a life coach who wants certification from an international professional organization.

–>You want to learn cutting edge coaching methods, standards, and procedures.

–>You have the determination and perseverance to become an entrepreneur in the coaching industry.

A $4750 Value. But for a limited time - just $997

So Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With the "IAPLC International Life Coach Certification Program"

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“Jeannette has a gold mine of business and marketing training for coaches. I was blown away reading her material and I thought, ‘Wow, she’s got a ton of value to bring to these people.’ My recommendation is, you’ve struck it rich! You don’t need to go anywhere else!”
Gary Henson

ACT NOW and You Also Get These Bonuses To Accelerate Becoming A Professional Coaching Success...

BONUS #1: 30 Minute “Plan Your Business” Conversation with one of our Experts ($497  Value)

Once you are certified, you will receive a coaching session with an expert business coach, to map out your action plan and next steps for operating as a life coach. In this call we will answer any questions you have about the course or about your next steps. We will point out the opportunities that are now available to you, and help you decide on a plan of action to get your coaching business up and running or expanded as the case may be.

BONUS #2: “How to Manage Difficult Client Situations” Training ($297  Value)

Operating a business in today’s climate is challenging in its own right. Dealing with difficult client situations can make it an even more problematic. Most coaches will agree that difficult client situations are par for the course, especially in this line of work. But there are things you can do to manage these difficult client situations more efficiently so you can get back on track and help your clients achieve the great things you know they’re capable of. This training addresses some of the common situations you may face within the scope of your business and shows you how to manage them with grace and ease.

BONUS #3: “How to Protect Your Energy with Boundaries” Training ($297  Value)

When you run your own business as we all do, you know that one of the most frustrating things you can face is when people push your boundaries… and you let them. If you haven’t learned to set boundaries, it can be a big block to not only you, but also your clients’ ability to achieve success, too. It’s critical to do this, if you want to live a lifestyle where you run your business rather than it running you, and this training will help you. 

BONUS #4: “Busting Your Money Blocks” Training ($297 Value

Why do women entrepreneurs (and men, too) earn less than they should? It’s not because they’re less knowledgeable or skilled. It’s all about mindset, and how they really feel about money. Business owners either have an abundance mindset which also brings self-confidence or they have a poverty mindset, which brings loads of self-doubt. With this training, you will be able to work on your mindset and overcome those money blocks.

So the total value of what you’re getting today is more than $6000, especially when you take into consideration the incredible bonuses we’re including for you. But the good news is you are NOT going to pay that price.

Because we know what it’s like to be where you are, and because we want to do everything we can to help you succeed with becoming a professional coach, TODAY we’re giving you everything we just listed at a special price of… 

Not $1997 but ONLY $997

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It---Here's what others say...

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