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Are you struggling with posting on social media?

How would you like to…
• Use social media strategically,... not just when the mood strikes
• Know exactly what social media content your audience will LOVE (and you'll love creating)
• Ensure you'll see results from ALL your social media activity,... not just through random luck?

Why Not Develop a Complete Social Media Strategy that Inspires Action?

A strong social media presence is essential to business success. It cultivates relationships, establishes expertise and brand recognition, promotes engagement, and converts followers into prospects and customers.

But without a strategy, social media is at best a roll of the dice and at worst an exercise in futility.

Your content needs to be fresh and intriguing, appeal to your target audience, be relevant to your brand and business goals, and be delivered consistently.

It's time to finally... put together a social media content strategy that builds your audience, attracts leads, and converts those leads to customers.

"The Essential Social Media Master Plan"

This training is for you if...

You are unhappy with the results you see from your social media posting.

You know you need to be on social media for your business,

…but you just don’t know what will work (and what won’t).

A social media strategy is your plan of action.
It details what you want to do and achieve, allowing you to measure your success and adjust if necessary.

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By the time you complete this course, you will have developed a comprehensive, manageable, and motivating social media strategy that delivers results.

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Here's what's inside...

Module 1 – Identify the Content You and Your Audience Love

Lesson 1: What Inspires You?

Lesson 2: What Inspires Your Audience?

Lesson 3: Dig Deeper – Understand What Makes Your Audience Tick

Lesson 4: Focus on Your Audience’s Favorite Channels

Module 2 – Assess Your Existing Social Media Platforms & Set Goals

Lesson 1: Conduct a Social Media Check-Up

Lesson 2: Paint a Clear Picture of Where You Stand

Lesson 3: Set Goals that Further Your Business Objectives

Lesson 4: Set Platform-Specific SMART Goals

Module 3 – Develop Your Content Strategy

Lesson 1: Social Media Content Formats

Lesson 2: Content Curation

Lesson 3: Consistency is Key

Lesson 4: Create Content that Increases Engagement

Lesson 5: Create Content that Converts

Lesson 6: Establish the Perfect Content Mix

Module 4 – Craft Your Blueprint for Social Media Success

Lesson 1: Your Blueprint for Social Media Success

Lesson 2: Create Your Content Calendar

Module 5 – Review and Refine

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